Monday, April 15, 2013

Creativity starts from Belief

When we were still Kids, when everything was possible.

With a simple blanket over our back, we became superman /girl...

By riding on a broom we simply became a witch. Boxes became our spaceships and the laundry baskets our pirate ships.

We climbed up trees not knowing that we might fall


We just had an idea and we made it happen ....because WE BELIEVED.

We were then CREATIVE and had a strong BELIEF.
As we grew older things began to be a little different...

Failing an exam made us think: "I can never make it"

When we got an amazing marriage proposal we think "maybe it's not the right time for it"

When we want to start a business, we think "maybe it's not easy"

When we already have a business, we let ourselves listen to those who tell us "don't take the risk"
Then when we have a brilliant idea that can provide a better life for many, and great pride for our country to help create a better world. And we said "I am not sure"
What happened to us????!!!!!

What happened to our creativity as kids????!!!!


What if years later we heard that someone had the same idea that we once had???!!!

What made him so different from us???!!!!
He put his ideas into creativity...

He is the hero of the year because his actions won him /her this recognition
Then we will start to think how we wished that we had taken ACTIONS years ago,
If that idea had come by when we were kids...

.could we have taken actions back then when we had that strong BELIEF???!!!
It is never late and never impossible ....we just have to have an IDEA and make it happen

We still can if we BELIEVE because CREATIVITY starts from BELIEVING